The main objective of OSNIRO is the training of Young Researchers (YR) in the interdisciplinary research field of organic semiconductors for NIR optoelectronics. Our final goal is to train YRs as researchers who will be well prepared for the challenges they face in future leading positions in industry and academics. Modern day requirements in scientific research call for multi-skilled leaders who are experienced in working in multidisciplinary teams and who not only possess excellent scientific knowledge but also a high degree of complementary skills.

We aim in increasing the chances of YRs for responsible job positions in the public or private sector. OSNIRO will help to achieve this by the various training elements of the project:

  • Training in scientific skills:
    The topics of the individual research projects of YRs will be closely connected in-between into clusters, following the main objectives of the research programme with the scientific goal to develop new semiconducting materials for NIR optoelectronics applications. YRs will be trained with a special focus on the needs for the individual project by the scientists in charge of his host institution. Hereby, each host institution provides a variety of lectures and seminars on topics closely connected to the scientific topic(s) of the project.
  • Training in complementary and transferable skills:
    A key objective of OSNIRO is to train YRs in complementary, transferable skills that include project acquisition and management, IPR protection, science communication and ethical issues. Each node provides a variety of workshops and seminars for training in complementary and transferable skills, which YRs are encouraged to attend. Additionally, in network-wide workshops YRs will learn to write scientific papers, proposals, patents and progress reports, and will be trained in presenting their results to scientific and non-scientific audience. Each YR will be asked to attend at least one international conference per year for presenting his scientific results. The supervision of local lab courses as well as the organisation of a workshop, where they will have to train each other's will give YRs the opportunity to enhance their teaching skills. YRs will play an active role in outreach activities, e.g. by writing press releases, teaching at summer schools for school students and organising exhibitions at local science days.
  • Secondments:
    Each YR will pass secondments at both public and private institutions. This gives him a deep insight into the work processes in academia and industry and will prepare him for future collaborations and/or job opportunities. With secondments to partners in other countries YRs will get the opportunity to learn/practise an additional language. They will experience a different culture and improve their knowledge of other nationalities and peoples.

With the entire training elements (local and network wide training, secondments) OSNIRO will shape a new generation of researchers with a unique broad, inter- and multi-disciplinary background, capable of acting independently and tackling problems within and outside their subject area and well prepared for the requirements of European recruitment in private and public institutions.

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