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Workshop 1: "Academic Writing and Presentation"

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Bergische Universität Wuppertal


The presentation training will be given by Julie Stearns.

Since 2003 Julie Stearns has been a lecturer in the English Language Department of the UNIVERSITY OF DUISBURG- ESSEN, and in 2009 she joined
the International Studies Department at FOLKWANG UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS. Julie joined the impulsplus team of qualified and dynamic trainers in 2010. She has many years of experience
teaching university students presentation, debate and performance skills. Julie is an actress and director as well as author of plays and short stories. She has worked for over 20 years as a free-lance director and actress in schools, universities, theatres and organizations in America and Germany. Her experience and background in theatre and dance influences her teaching style and the techniques, which she uses to help the participants to reach their individual goals of effective interpersonal communication.

Objective of the training: Integral to voice and body training is the central idea that physical and vocal dynamics are connected to the speaker's motivation and to the importance of the information
being communicated. Trainers with professional theatre backgrounds identify the verbal challenges of each speaker, giving attention to breath, articulation, intonation, volume, modulation and tempo.
Coaching is given to improve non- verbal aspects such as gesture, positioning, distance, eye contact and relationship with media.

Participants monitor their improvement and implement feedback with active role- play exercises in which they present in various scenarios such as academic presentation to a large and small audience,
informal meetings, interviews and teaching situations.


The training in academic writing will be given by Dr. Michael Salvador.

Michael is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the institute of materials for electronics and energy technology (i-meet, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg), where he is leading the group’s efforts to understand and mitigate degradation processes in organic solar cells. Michael was awarded a PhD from the University of Cologne, where he studied photorefractive polymers for holographic imaging applications (group of Prof. Klaus Meerholz). He later went on to work with Prof. Changhuei Yang (Caltech) and Prof. David Ginger (University of Washington). Along the years, he has developed personal interest in the art of academic writing beyond conventional standards.

The purpose of this lecture is to provide a sense for how to successfully prepare a scientific manuscript by pointing to the pitfalls along the writing process. This will include a personal view on
best practices necessary to organize and clearly convey data as well as guidelines for developing a convincing story. Rather than rigid instructions expect a collection of thoughts that will inform the
audience on finding its own style of how to bring your results to the larger audience. After all, and in analogy to classical prose, scientific writing is more inspiring if well written.

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