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The Eindhoven University of Technology is a research driven, design oriented university of technology at an international level, with the primary objective of providing young people with an academic education within the ‘engineering science & technology’ domain. The Molecular Materials and Nanosystems group at the TU/e is working on functional molecular materials and their optoelectronic devices. It has put a coherent scientific research and educational program into place on the chemistry, physics, and materials science of semiconducting molecular, polymer and hybrid materials that find application in photonic and electronic technologies.

Key person I involved: Prof. Dr. René Janssen

janssen He is full professor in chemistry and physics at the TU/e. He obtained his PhD from the TU/e in 1987 and become full professor in 2003. His research is on molecular functional materials for opto-electronic applications.


Key person II involved: Dr. Martijn Wienk


He is assistant professor in chemistry at the TU/e. He obtained his PhD from the TU/e in 1997 and the worked with ECN in the Netherlands before joining TU/e again in 2002. His research topic is organic solar cells.

Role in the project

We will be developing low band gap polymers with absorption extending to ~1200 nm (1eV) for application in organic photovoltaic cells. The materials will be characterised with NMR, MALDI-TOF, cyclic voltammetry and absorption spectroscopy. We will also develop and characterise single junction and multijunction organic photovoltaic cells with NIR response.

Recruited researcher: Dario Di Carlo Rasi


Project title

Development and characterisation of single junction and multi junction organic photovoltaic cells with NIR response


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