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Founded in 1972, the University of Wuppertal is a modern, independent university in the Humboldtean tradition. Its twin goals are academic excel
lence in its individual disciplines and the consistent development of the interface between these disciplines and the world of practical experience – in a word, the transfer of knowledge and technological know-how.
The BUWMakro group works on the development and optimisation of synthetic procedures for organic semiconducting materials. A major challenge hereby is the design of tailor-made materials of high purity and with optimum electronic properties, and to establish reliable structure/property relationships. The materials are made for various application fields, e.g. organic light emitting diodes (OLED), organic solid-state polymer lasers, organic photovoltaics, sensors, and polymer transistors. Main target of the group is interdisciplinary research in the field of Materials Science with leading partners from Physical Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Printing Technology etc..

Key people I involved: Prof. Ullrich Scherf

scherfHe received his PhD in 1988 from the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. After receiving his Habilitationfrom the University of Mainz In 1996, Scherf was Professor of Polymer Chemistry at the University of Potsdam (2000-02) and, since 2002, Professor of Macromolecular Chemistry at the University of Wuppertal. He currently heads the Macromolecular Chemistry Group. In 2006 U. Scherf was one of founders of the Institute for Polymer Technology (IfP), an interdisciplinary research cluster with partners from Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Printing Technology. Since 2011 he is acting as director of the IfP cluster.


Key people II involved: Dr. Sybille Allard


She received her PhD degree in 2003 from the Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. She is working since 2004 in the group of Ullrich Scherf as a project leader for the development of conjugated (co)polymers for electronics applications. Amongst others she has been responsible for the European projects One-P and LAMP.

Major role in the project

BUW is coordinating the project. The scientific task of BUW in the project is the development and synthesis of oligomers/polymers for optoelectronic devices, such as organic light emitting diodes, solar cells or photodetectors.

Recruited researcher: MSc. Sebnem Baysec


Project title

Synthesis of small molecule-type NIR dyes and their incorporation into linear and hyperbranched polymers


Recruited researcher: Dr. Eva Amaranda García Rodríguez


Project title

Synthesis of DA-type semiconducting oligomers and polymers


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