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Advent Technologies is a world leader in the development of new materials and systems for energy applications. Specifically, Advent Technologies is dedicated to commercialize the technology of high temperature membrane-electrode-assemblies (HT MEAs) and to scale up manufacturing to the level that covers existing and near future demands. In addition, the Company possesses world class technology in the area of materials for organic photovoltaic applications (OPVs) and organic optoelectronic materials in general. Our commercialization strategy is not only to manufacture but also to enter into licensing agreements, joint ventures and joint development agreements with volume manufacturers and global players in the renewable energy arena and generate revenue from multiple sources.

Key person involved: Dr. Christos Chochos

ChochosHe holds a degree in Chemistry (2001), a M.Sc (2004) and a PhD (2006) in Polymer Science and Technology from the Chemistry Department of University of Patras. His research interests include the design, synthesis and multigram production of Low Band Gap semiconducting polymers for organic photovoltaics.


Role in the project

WP1: Materials synthesis - up-scaling of promising materials (new DA-type oligomers/polymers ) to the scale of "several grams", providing of novel aryl-substituted BODIPY dyes

Recruited researcher: Benedetta Maria Squeo


Project title

Development and scale up procedures of NIR dyes.


She studied at scientific high school ''A.Volta'' in Foggia then she moved for her bachelor degree in Science of Materials at the University of Bari ‘’Aldo Moro’’ were she graduated with a thesis in Plasma Chemistry titled '' Nanotexturing via plasma of plastic optical fiber for gas sensing''. After she continued her studies in the same university and had a master degree in Science and Technologies of Materials with a thesis called ‘’Synthesis and characterization of new material for OLEFET’’. Now is a research scientist in Advent Technologies under the guidance of Dr. Christos Chochos and Dr. Vasilis Gregoriou in the OSNIRO project and registered in University of Wuppertal as a PhD candidate in the group of Prof. Ulrich Scherf. 

Recruited researcher: Dr. Hakan Bildirir


Project title

Synthesis of polymer networks with on-chain BODIPY units


Dr. Hakan Bildirir focused on synthesis of electron rich, sulfur based conjugated organic compounds during his BSc and MSc studies in Istanbul Technical University (ITU), and obtained his PhD title in TU Berlin where he incorporated such electron rich materials to backbones of porous polymer networks. 

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